Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Grimes - 'Genesis' on Later... With Jools Holland

Later… With Jools Holland is often cited as a programme that introduces new artists to the kind of people who shop at Marks & Spencer and think that Keane still have indie-cred. It is a surprising, yet, wonderful fact however, that alternative, electro-pop pixie Claire Boucher’s (aka Grimes), debut UK TV appearance was on last nights Later…

The performance, which you can watch below, shows everybody’s favourite electronic IT girl performing her latest single ‘Genesis’, all whilst sporting an anomalous bindi in the shape of a third eye. Aesthetically, think Little Boots if she was born the same way as the namesake of ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’

The track itself sounds like a cuddlesome Kraftwerk, with its acerbic beat and heavy synth bassline, all topped off by Boucher’s trademark squeaks and choir-like cooing creating a fantastical fairytale of sound to match the colourful decoration and soothing lighting around her.  

Grimes’ performance was the undeniable highlight of the show, the rest of which can be watched here