Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Future Loves - Religious To Damn

Considering the indubitable popularity of recent empyrean voiced beauties such as Zola Jesus and Tamaryn, it is as frustrating as it is fascinating that the Brooklyn-based brainchild of Zohra Atash, Religious To Damn, is not the online pin-up of Pitchfork or headlining Hackney based festivals that champion themselves on their cutting-edgeness.

Alas, it appears that the everlasting romance between Religious To Damn and the music press was never meant to be. With the scarcity of critics that took their time to review the band’s 2010 debut album ‘Glass Prayer’ denoting, and therefore degrading, the record as ‘Kate Bush without the weird’.

Despite the infant vilifying ‘Glass Prayer’ may have received, Religious To Damn resurrected their career in January of this year with their aesthetically Broadcast influenced ‘Lovely Day’. (which you can watch after the jump.)  The four and a half minute track, that in-corporates a subtle blissed-out guitar as well as swooping synth-pads, enchantedly glides along, almost as if it was the mysterious Ouija-board wielding grand-daughter of the illustrious Lou Reed classic.

Despite this beautiful come-back single, Religious To Damn still continue to be as under-rated as the film adaption of Twin Peaks, which is a crying shame as front-woman Zohra has just as much poise and vocal ability as Julee Cruise. We can only hope that Religious To Damn become a cult in decades to come or ‘do a Grimes’ and orbit away from obscurity on their third album, God knows they deserve it.

Religious to Damn "Lovely Day" official ANALOG music video from Jason Akira Somma on Vimeo.

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